The Turnipseed Project

Enter the world of former gang leader, drug dealer, and pimp John Turnipseed. Experience his story of personal transformation through his biography co-written with national best-seller, Cecil Murphy. Engage further with three award-winning short films documenting John’s life as well as a complete curriculum kit designed for your personal transformation. This is Turnipseed. This is redemption.

People who are incarcerated - and anyone who has faced tremendous challenges - will be inspired by Turnipseed's life story. He has turned away from bad choices and a troubled past and found a way to make his struggle meaningful so that others can transform their lives as he has. 

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Lifeblood Curriculum Kit

Turnipseed Trilogy DVD

Bloodline The Book

The Lifeblood Curriculum


Discover the authentic and personal stories of nine former convicts who have also experienced life transformation as part of the Lifeblood curriculum. Each personal story relates to one of nine Lifeblood elements needed in the process of transformation.


Take your own journey towards transformation with the Lifeblood curriculum designed specifically to be a catalyst for change. The nine steps in Lifeblood will unearth root issues affecting your ability to live free. Comes with a facilitator’s guide.


Pick up where the films left off, and understand the rest of John’s remarkable story. Get a sneak peek into the production of the Turnipseed films and the volunteers and partner organizations who have made the Turnipseed Project a reality.

The Award-Winning Turnipseed Trilogy

Experience the real life drama of John Turnipseed’s life in the three award-winning short films documenting the powerful transformation of one of the most feared gang leaders in Minneapolis. Professionally filmed, acted, and produced the dramatic biographies will leave you speechless.

Watch the Award-Winning First Installment of the Turnipseed Trilogy

Bloodline: The True Story of John Turnipseed

Torn from a good life with a loving extended family in 1960s Alabama, young John Turnipseed ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with empty cupboards and a cruel father he no longer recognized. A. B. Turnipseed’s alcoholism and womanizing started a chain reaction of poverty, violence, addiction, and despair that nearly destroyed three generations. From lost and frightened little boy—to gang leader, drug dealer, and pimp—to one of the nation’s most respected pioneers of community restoration, John Turnipseed tells his amazing story of transformation with honesty and courage. He offers contagious hope to all who read it.

Interview with John Turnipseed & Cecil Murphey

Shaun AlexanderSeattle Seahawks

“John Turnipseed’s story shows how a changed heart will shift what you think of yourself and the impact you can have. It is time to change the world. The change starts with you.”